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Elevate your message by adding an incentive that is remarkably relevant.

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You get so many choices with so much ease.

From adventure travel to home improvement, our gift card incentives lets people choose the things they want to create the experience they desire. Whether you’re a big corporation, a major health plan or a mom-and-pop shop, we’ve built end-to-end solutions to serve your every reward need.

Big businesses drive big results with our enterprise solutions.

An incentive program is an opportunity to reward and motivate great behavior. They can build a relationship, loyalty and most importantly, create a long-lasting memory. Drive the behavior that grows satisfaction for your many customers, employees and for your business with a gift card program that offers a range of choices with secure, easy solutions proven to enhance business results.

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DIY: Take our gift card incentives for a test drive.

Visit our online store to personalize and send Hallmark-designed awards and gift card incentives. Just choose the amount, add a personal message and we’ll send it with a code that your recipient can redeem for a gift card of choice. Send to an individual or your whole team—fast, easy, convenient. If you want to place a larger order, need invoicing or add your logo, we have a mid-market-sized online shopping solution for you, too.

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The more relevant the reward, the more rewarding the experience.

Your recipients can choose from hundreds of leading retail, restaurant, travel and entertainment merchant gift card choices, or you can tailor a list that aligns with your company’s mission, goals or values. Because our gift card incentives are not limited to certain items within a store, the purchase choices are endless.

Gift cards make employee
recognition more memorable.

Why do gift cards reinforce positive behavior, motivate and instill pride better than other incentive choices?

  • Gift cards are perceived as real gifts, offering more choices, higher satisfaction and greater appreciation.
  • Paycheck deposits are not tangible, never really seen and lack lasting impact.
  • Preselected merchandise is marked up and offers little choice. Lots of times people just settle rather than getting what they really want.
  • Pre-paid cards are most often redeemed for utilitarian things like bills, groceries, etc.

Clients choose our recognition platform for its easy-to-send gift cards. Find out more.


Boost health plan member and
customer outreach response rates.

We can design a Hallmark card featuring your gift card offer. When your recipients complete the requested behavior, we’ll follow up by sending them a code that they can redeem online for their choice of gift cards.

  • Make health and wellness completion rates soar—even as high as 44%.
  • Stand out from the competition by offering an attractive incentive for participation in surveys, product trials, test drives or even signing up for automatic bill payments.
  • Keep customers loyal with a better apology program.


Discover more about Hallmark’s health and wellness solution.


I was talking to some co-workers at lunch the other day, and I found out we all got something different when we redeemed our awards. I got hubcaps for my Harley, one guy got some power tools, one woman got a necklace she always wanted but couldn't justify getting with "family" money and another guy got a great new phone. Thanks for letting us get what we wanted.

—Financial services employee

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