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Hallmark is in B2B

With more than 100 years of enhancing relationships and creating meaningful moments, the Hallmark brand is recognized worldwide for its quality and creativity. When used for business, our greetings elevate marketing initiatives, employee recognition and customer experiences into memorable, meaningful moments that influence behaviors.

Greetings give voice to your big brand personality.

When you’re a large corporation, it’s hard to make personalized, emotionally relevant connections with customers and employees. Custom designed Hallmark cards transform your engagement efforts without adding time to your business day.


Need cards now? We’re one quick click away.

If you’re ready to shop now, our self-service online card shop enables you to pick, personalize and order everything from business greetings and holiday cards to birthday, sympathy, customer appreciation and more.


Send the right message at the right time.

Even though we have different interests, we share the same desire to feel connected, appreciated and valued. From generational trends to cultural identity, Hallmark offers variety, because we live in a richly diverse world.

From custom-designed cards and eCards, Hallmark enables you to relate to your customers with more sincerity, creativity and appreciation.

Hallmark greetings can
do what other formats can’t.

  • Create a marketing campaign that gets noticed, opened and responded to better than other formats. After all, who doesn’t open a Hallmark card?
  • Sustain your campaign results by using our digital assets in your email reminders.
  • Use custom-designed Hallmark eCards to digitally engage your customers and achieve superior open rates.
  • Transform customer service into a customer experience by empowering your frontline associates to send Hallmark cards so customers really understand just how much your company cares.
  • Energize health and wellness participation response rates by combining a Hallmark card with a gift card incentive.
  • Encourage mobile interactions by including a text code to your compelling content.


What else can we do? Find out more about Hallmark’s approach to customer engagement.



Celebrating employees grows pride and performance.

  • Get a career off to a strong start. Welcome new employees with excitement and set expectations.
  • Recognize outstanding work by including an incentive that allow the employee to select a gift card of their choice from hundreds of top name brands.
  • Acknowledge years of service and workplace anniversaries with sincerity and enthusiasm.
  • Honor retirements with distinctive style and genuine appreciation.
  • Thank employees for an outstanding year and motivate them to even greater heights.
  • Appreciate employees for the people they are. Celebrate birthdays, send congratulations and offer care and concern when it’s needed most.


We’ve got lots of great motivational ideas. Learn more about the Hallmark approach to employee engagement.


You know, it’s kind of nice we are not recognized as a source of money but as a person, too

—Constance, Hallmark card recipient

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