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The Hallmark Approach to Customer Engagement

Today, Hallmark is more inspired than ever to help people connect more meaningfully. Apply that focus to the business world, and you’ll get customer engagement programs that emotionally connect buyers to brands. Using greeting cards, eCards and gift card incentives, we break through the clutter of other tactics to create direct marketing and customer experiences with measurable increases in response rates, digital engagement, net promoter scores and social media advocacy.

Integrated Campaigns

To drive online and in-store sales for a retail client, we combined the power of a Hallmark card with two follow-up eCard reminders. With a 28% response rate, their special offer generated $38 for every $1 spent.

Better Response Rates

When mailed to members of a loyalty program, the Hallmark card achieves a 12-18% response rate consistently over a 3-year timeframe and provides a 10 percentage point lift over the control group.

Increased Open Rates

As a gesture of appreciation, a financial services company sends their customers custom-designed Hallmark birthday eCards. Open rates for this campaign average 42% (compared to a 22% average).

Customer Experience KPIs

By empowering front-line staff to go online to personalize and send Hallmark cards to their customers, Kansas City Power & Light received the highest satisfaction ratings from 89% of the card recipients. Employee engagement scores soared, too.

Strengthen your customer experience with the power of a Hallmark card.

Companies looking for a differentiated customer experience use Hallmark cards to create meaningful, memorable, measurable connections. One of our clients reported:

direct marketing chart

Break through the clutter of typical direct marketing and digital tactics.

Business leaders who are serious about engaging their customers realize one thing—having a great product or service is not enough. Without a way to break through the millions of messages potential buyers are bombarded with, your best efforts go unnoticed. An emotionally impactful Hallmark card or eCard can go further than traditional formats and present your very special offer as a gift.

  • Our relationship-building expertise generates more value for marketing and customer experience dollars by beating traditional tactic response rates by 5%, 10%, 20% and even 30%. We outpace our competitors because the Hallmark brand instantly triggers a perception of “the very best” with your consumers…both in print and digitally.
  • With a Hallmark direct marketing campaign, our clients have seen performance beyond their expectations with customers even sending back thank-you cards and letters in return.
  • Our research shows that open rates improve 5-10% just because the words “Hallmark eCard” are in the subject line. The magic ingredient? The Hallmark name.

Building relationships results in strong sales.

Whether you’re connecting with one person or one million, we can customize our products for your business to help get the right message across at just the right time.


One of our clients realized up to an 18% lift in an upsell offer by using a specially designed Spanish-language Hallmark card.


Hallmark cards and email reminders drove a better return on investment than other marketing tactics and formats.


Retention improved and revenue increased after customers received personalized Hallmark cards.

Boost Net Promoter Scores® and other key performance indicators.

Companies looking to differentiate their customer experience on the basis of their call center look to us. Your front-line employees can get you there with the right tools. In less than a minute, our customer care solution allows your customer care associates to select, personalize and send Hallmark cards to your customers. And because the program is so fast and intuitive and the mailing is all done for you, associates can send cards throughout the day without dragging down productivity levels.

Additionally, the program is easy to implement. Seamless data integration and flawless mailing services ensure a successful and stress-free experience for you and your front-line employees.

Foster 1:1 connection and customer loyalty.

Along the customer journey, you have opportunities to engage. We help you uncover those unexpected moments to surprise and delight. To transform a customer service call into a true connection. And when it’s needed…to send an apology that makes your relationship stronger than ever.

The customer care solution can boost the effectiveness of a wellness coach motivating participants to a healthier lifestyle or a retailer sorting out benefits with loyalty members. Even when it comes to dealing with payment and billing issues, sending Hallmark cards shows the caring side of your company, making good on so many mission statements of putting the customers first. An early adopter of our relationship-building customer care program enjoyed a 10% increase in customer retention. Read the full case study.


“Memorable, genuine, relational and loyal – all very spot-on! Changing lives–for both our employees and our customers, one contact at a time.”

KCP&L Contact Center director Jeanie Truett

Enjoy upticks in employee engagement scores and performance.

When considering all the factors that drive engagement, the most important may be the development of a customer-centric mindset throughout your organization. Nowhere is it more critical than with your frontline employees. With the customer care solution, the good feelings don’t stop with customers receiving cards. Empowering your employees with the right tools to build and strengthen relationships is the start of stellar customer experiences and employee engagement.

  • 94% of a service provider’s employees say sending Hallmark cards to customers gives them a feeling of personal accomplishment, leading to higher employee engagement scores.
  • A global banking giant’s employee survey reported an 18% improvement in job satisfaction around empowerment.

Why Hallmark?

Consumers want and seek meaningful relationships, experiences and brands that satisfy a need to feel connected. The emotional authenticity of Hallmark cards demonstrates that you not only understand—but care about—what’s important to your customers, that they’re more than just a transaction.

From day one, Hallmark has built its business around enriching lives by satisfying people’s emotional needs. Hallmark Business Connections brings that same passion to the business world. Everything we do is focused on building and strengthening the relationships that make companies thrive, and we do it in a way no one else can match. That’s the power of an unexpected Hallmark card.

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