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How to Boost Safety Programs Through Employee Recognition

By Jonathan McClellan | June 4, 2018 | Blog Posts | Engage Employees

Workplace safety has always been an important part of every worker’s job. Of course, when we think of safety programs in the workplace, we typically think of construction workers and warehouse workers. But they aren’t the only ones who have to follow safety protocols throughout the workday. In today’s offices, cybersecurity has also become vital for keeping information, funds and people safe.

Safety programs have traditionally been heavy on paperwork, extra training and lots of eye-catching signs in the workplace, but the trend toward lean business practices to eliminate waste and streamline processes has extended into the safety realm as well. When safety-related activities become an integral part of every workplace operation, “doing the job well means doing the job safely.”

What is Lean Process?

The definition of lean process is maximizing customer value while minimizing waste from Lean Enterprise Institute.

The lean process approach relies on training everyone to understand what safe and effective work looks like, seamlessly incorporating safety protocols into the work activities themselves. The result is a workforce of people who are all empowered to be safety leaders.

How to Get Employees Involved in Lean Safety Programs

When your business is building lean safety processes, employees who might otherwise rely on safety shortcuts will be called upon to share their ideas and get involved in establishing and fine-tuning safety process development. This provides another opportunity for safety leadership among those who are most directly involved in day-to-day operations.

When employees understand how to create a safer work environment, they’re more likely to avoid accidents in the first place—which lowers costs and liability expenses. So how does an employee recognition program work when safety has become part of the job?

Recognizing Safety in the Workplace

It’s always important to recognize employees for understanding and contributing to your company’s safety goals. Awards and incentives tied to safety training, advocacy or simply setting a good example will reinforce your organization’s standards of operational excellence.

Each time you reward a group of employees for good safety practices, it will serve as a reminder to everyone on staff how much your company values a safe workplace.

In recognition of National Safety Month this June, we encourage you to enroll in an employee recognition program that makes it easy to reward your company’s workplace safety leaders.

Construction workers with a link to an article titled 25 Card Messages for Recognizing Safety in the Workplace to promote safety programs.

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